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Barrow Hedges Primary School

What Changes Can I See? - Spring 2

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We had a lot of fun celebrating World Book Day in Nursery. We came to school dressed as our favourite story characters and spoke about our favourite books.

The teachers came dressed as the characters from 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and we all wanted to read the story. 

We decided to make porridge and followed instructions to mix the ingredients together. We looked carefully at the changes that had happened to the mixture once it was cooked and talked about our likes and dislikes.


We couldn't believe it when Goldilocks smelt our porridge and came to Nursery, looking for some breakfast. We asked her questions about the story and changed the ending of the book so that she was friends with the bears. We need to keep an eye out for Goldilocks, in case she wants to come to our houses for breakfast too.


As the weather gets warmer, we are going into the garden and asking lots of questions about the changing season and the growing flowers and plants in our sensory garden. We like to look after our garden are are learning that plants need sunshine and water to grow.


We read the story 'Titch' and learnt about seeds and how to plant them. We chose which seeds to plant in our vegetable garden and wrote labels, to remember what we had planted where. We used our developing phonic knowledge of sounds and letter shapes to write 'onions', 'carrots' and 'lettuce' on our garden labels.


We learnt about the signs of Spring and the changing season. We used our investigation skills to look for the signs of the changing season in the garden and asked lots of wonderful questions about the world around us.