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An additional Prospective Parent tour for Reception 2020 will be on Thursday 9th January 2020 at 1:30pm. Please contact the school office to book a place.

Barrow Hedges Primary School

Street Detectives - Autumn 1

In this section...

This topic brings out the Sherlock Holmes in the Year 2 pupils!

We learn about map work and follow instructions and clues to work our way around a Treasure Hunt. We explore our local area, Carshalton, listing all the things we like and dislike and think about what facilities an area would need. We make sure we all know our addresses and what each line in the address means. We use compass directions and locational language to go from one place to another in school and use maps to find the local shops. Using all our knowledge of maps, we devise our own maps to direct someone from school to the station.

During our visit to Oaks Park and using our school grounds, we learn to decide whether something is living or non-living to help us understand what all living things can do. We use our findings to locate and name animals and plants and study their behaviour and what food they eat.

We use our theme of 'Street Detectives' to look at aerial maps in Art to use collage materials to create our own aerial map of the local area.

In History we explore how things have changed 'Since our Grandparents were Young' by preparing questions and interviewing a grandparent. We compare how school life, TV, music and fashion was different in the 1960s. We also look at how people communicated and compare that to how we communicate now. This links to our Computing where we learn how to compose, attach a document and send an email.

Our Music genre this half term is 'Music from South Africa'.

PE lessons comprise of Dance and Games, focusing on throwing and catching skills.

RE focuses on Judaism and the importance of the synagogue and the festival, Sukkot. We also learn about Harvest.

During this half term in PHSE we explore the theme 'New Beginnings'. We focus on looking after our classroom and our environment as well as setting rules for Year 2 and learn about road safety.