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Barrow Hedges Primary School

Online Safety - Leader Jenny Rawlinson

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At Barrow Hedges, we recognise the importance of computing and how it supports the learning of other curriculum subjects. We are always striving to find new and exicting ways to develop pupils computing skills. As a school, we have a unique role protecting children while preparing them for life outside of school; a life that now includes an online world.  Our computing curriculum includes an element of E-Safety each term where we aim to educate and empower pupils so that they understand the risks, build resilience and ultimately become good "cyber citizens".

During Safer Internet Day in February 2018, the children ‘took a pledge’ to say that they commit to safe and responsible use of technology. The children were taught about keeping safe when using the internet through a special assembly and a series of lessons. We take the E-Safety pledge annually and will do so again in February 2019. Our Digital Leaders have written about the exciting Internet Safer Day we had this year! (See attchments at the bottom of the page)

We expect all children at Barrow Hedges to follow our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) when using technology at school.  Click on the link below to download a copy (it could be useful at home too).  In addition, our E-Safety Policy can be found by clicking on the hyperlink or going to the parents tab, then policies.

Keeping children safe online is a shared responsibility. To help you to support us with this and to help your child to learn to use the internet safely at home, here are some links and documents we hope you will find useful below:

Our Digital Leaders

We are the Digital Leaders. We are a team of Year Six pupils who are the most confident and skilled users of technology. We love computing! Our goal is to inspire our classmates and help them to stay safe online. We meet every Thursday to discuss our latest projects and share ideas. We lead assemblies and set up technology for the school.

We are always working hard, organising lots of activities to help the children at our school learn, putting together videos to share on the website, making posters about all the exciting things going on at Barrow Hedges and helping out teachers and children with different technology.  

If you need any help, advice or support then please don't hesitate to come and see us.  




I wanted to be a digital leader because I like using technology, helping others and keeping people safe online. I also like doing my homework online. I have a loud clear and voice and I am looking forward to giving advice to others about online issues. 





I wanted to be a digital leader because I love making my own games online and I want to help others learn to do more online too. Online Safety is very important when playing games and doing other activities online. I like teaching people new things.





I wanted to be a digital leader because I like helping younger children with Computing, Online Safety is important and I want to make a difference. I love computing and I hope to share my knowledge through activities like assemblies.









I want to be a digital leader because I have a passion for all things digital. I have a strong personality and I am happy to take on the extra responsibilities. I am very resourceful and I am looking forward to  helping children to stay safe online. I enjoy playing games like Fifa.







I wanted to be digital leader because  I want to build my confidence and share my knowledge of Online Safety with everyone! I want everyone to be safe online. My favourite thing to do online is play Fifa.






I wanted to be a digital leader because I want to keep my friends and younger children safe on the Internet. This does not mean that we can’t have fun online! I really want to help everyone know what to do if they have a problem online and give advice if they are worried or need someone to talk to. 




I wanted to be a digital leader because I love Computing and I am looking forward to testing new resources for the school. I would like to teach younger children all about Online Safety and how to have fun on the Internet. Helping make sure that all of my friends and fellow pupils can use the Internet without being unsure is my aim.



I wanted to be a digital leader because I really like computing at school and at home - I often help my mum at home with technology. I am good with computers and coding. I like working with children and I am curious about the computing world and want to learn more.




I want to be a digital leader because I feel that I can

help others learn about Online Safety so they can stay

safe online. I am looking forward to leading

assemblies about staying safe so I can really get the

message around about the importance of staying safe online.