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An additional Prospective Parent tour for Reception 2020 will be on Thursday 9th January 2020 at 1:30pm. Please contact the school office to book a place.

Barrow Hedges Primary School

Moon Zoom - Spring 1

In this section...

In Spring 1 we leave the Earth ready for our 'Moon Zoom' experience. As part of this we learn about famous space explorers from the past and how they have helped us to learn about our world.

We use our space exploration to further our knowledge and understanding of the world by looking at how much water we have on Earth and locating natural and man-made structures. This also links with our Science topic 'Everyday Materials' where we observe the differences between different materials and test them to find out some of their properties. Learning about materials also helps us to design, make and test moon buggies in D&T. 

Our topic theme also links to our learning in Art where we learn about colour mixing and develop our painting techniques to create outer space inspired art pieces.

RE focuses on Hinduism. We find out what Hindus believe about God and why Krishna is so important to Hindus.

In Computing we learn to control Bee-Bots and write and test instructions to find the treasure.

Our Music learning is about playing and singing in different styles.

PE lessons comprise of Gymnastics and Games, focusing on the skills passing and receiving.

During this half term in PHSE we explore the theme 'Going for Goals' where we set ourselves targets for what we want to achieve and think about how we can be successful. We also learn about how some things we put in our mouths can be harmful and how to stay safe on line.