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Stop Press!

We're thrilled to confirm that our Ofsted report has been published - Outstanding in all areas!

Stop Press!

Our Prospective Reception Parent tours are now open for bookings. Please see our Admissions page on how to book.

Stop Press!

We are thrilled to confirm that we have been awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark. Go to our Inclusion page to read our report.

Stop Press!

We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded the Quality Mark Gold for History following an assessment carried out by the Historical Association on 7th February 2023.

Barrow Hedges Primary School

Meet the Staff at Our School

In this section...
Senior Leadership Team:
Mrs L Wood Headteacher (Curriculum) (DSL)
Mrs K Duncan

Deputy Headteacher (Behaviour and Assessment Leader) (DDSL)

Sycamore Class Teacher - Tuesdays 

Mrs M Rondeau Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion Leader) (DSL)
Mrs J Covey Assistant Headteacher (EYFS & SLT Member overseeing PHSE)
Mrs M Wilson

Assistant Headteacher (English Leader) (DDSL)

Sycamore Class Teacher - Wednesdays 

Miss R Cheetham Assistant Headteacher (Maths Leader)
Class Teachers:
Ms J Whittle Reception (Fox) & EYFS Leader (ECT Mentor)
Miss T Fletcher Reception (Hedgehog) 
Mrs C Bennett Reception (Badger) 
Mrs S Woods Year 1 Leader and Class Teacher (Rabbit) (Science Leader and ECT Mentor)
Mrs S Wallder Year 1 (Otter) 
Mrs G De Marco Year 1 (Squirrel)
Mr J Pearce Year 2 Leader and Class Teacher (Woodpecker) (KS1 Music Leader)
Mr C Shaw Year 2 (Robin - Job Share) (Phonics Leader and Assemblies Leader)
Mrs H Nutley Year 2 (Robin - Job Share) (E-Safety Leader and ECT Mentor)
Miss S Watkins Year 2 Kingfisher (Design Technology Leader)
Ms C Davies

Year 3 Leader and Class Teacher (Ash) (Computing Leader) 

Miss A Swinfield Year 3 (Oak) (EAL Leader and School Council)
Miss Z Hine Year 3 (Elm) (Environment and Sustainable Travel Lead)
Mr L Buckingham Year 4 Leader and Class Teacher (Lime) (PE Leader)
Miss E Powell Year 4 (Walnut)
Miss B Campbell Year 4 (Maple) (History & Geography Leader) (ECT Mentor)
Miss R Swinfield Year 5 Leader and Class Teacher (Beech) (Healthy Schools) (TA Mentor)
Ms K Webb Year 5 (Rowan) 
Mr D Woolford Year 5 (Cedar) (RE Leader)
Miss R Cheetham Year 6 Leader & Class Teacher (Sycamore - Job Share) (Maths Leader)
Miss K Rayment Year 6 (Willow) (PSHE/P4C Leader)
Mrs K Duffin Year 6 (Chestnut) (KS2 Behaviour Mentor)
Miss R Pericleous PPA teacher and ECT Release Teacher (KS2 Music Leader)
Mrs K Cutts-Munro PPA teacher (Art and Display Leader)
Mrs R Rogers PPA teacher (Year 5 and 6 Interventions)
Mrs L Coxon French teacher (MFL Leader) 
Miss A Zafer Teacher on maternity leave
Nursery Staff:

Mrs N Andre and Mrs N Herman (Nursery Managers and TA Mentors)

Miss K Weller, Miss M New, Mrs C Reed, Mrs R Hollis and Mrs K Roberts

Support Staff:
Mrs J Cloves Senior Teaching Assistant for Emotional Literacy Support (ELSA)
Miss L Gardiner Lead Teaching Assistant (Inclusion and Family Support Worker)
Ms A Critchley Senior Teaching Assistant for Inclusion
Mrs T Hutchison Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Reception (Fox)
Mrs R Hollis Teaching Assistant - Reception (Fox)
Miss C Thistle Senior Teaching Assistant - Reception (Badger)
Mrs L Behan Teaching Assistant - Reception
Miss N Mitchell Senior Teaching Assistant - Reception (Hedgehog)
Miss G Belshaw Teaching Assistant - Reception
Mrs E Mole Teaching Assistant - KS1
Mrs J Richards Teaching Assistant - Year 1 & 6
Mrs G Baker Teaching Assistant - Year 1 & Year 5
Mrs N Beresford-Ward Teaching Assistant - Year 2
Mrs R Killedar Teaching Assistant - Year 2
Mrs A Seeboruth Teaching Assistant - Year 2
Mrs V Sharma Teaching Assistant - Year 2
Mrs N Purewal Teaching Assistant - Year 3
Mrs D Reynolds Teaching Assistant - Year 3
Mrs A Smith Teaching Assistant - Year 3
Mrs D Gibbett Teaching Assistant - Year 4
Mrs S Nelson Teaching Assistant - Year 4
Miss A Lockhart Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Year 5
Miss A Temeng Teaching Assistant - Year 5
Mrs L Mfulumpinga Teaching Assistant - Year 5 and Reception
Mrs L Searle Teaching Assistant - Year 6
Mrs S Wheel Teaching Assistant - Year 6
Mrs L Johnson Teaching Assistant - Upper KS2
Mrs L Coxon Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Seeboruth Teaching Assistant - Year 6 (and HLTA for cover purposes)
Administrative Staff:
Mrs P Bearman PA to the Head / Office Manager
Mrs A Sinnerton Administrative Officer
Miss S Price Administrative Officer & Trust Digital Marketing Assistant
Mrs H Lacey Administrative Officer
Premises Staff:
Mr E Rogers Premises Manager
Mr D Moore Premises Assistant
Mrs H Daley Premises Cleaner