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RECEPTION 2019 INTAKE - On Thursday 10th January 2019 at 1:30pm we will be holding our final tour of the school. Please contact the school office to book your place.

Barrow Hedges Primary School

Meet the Inclusion Team

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At Barrow Hedges Primary School we are proud that everyone contributes greatly to the implementation of Inclusion.  There are some key players in this, presented below:

Meet Mr Lowes – Inclusion Leader and Deputy Head Teacher

Mr Lowes joined Barrow Hedges Primary School in September 2014.  He previously worked as a teacher and then SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) in Newham, East London and his passion was always related to Inclusion which led to him completing a Masters in Special Educational Needs before joining the school.  Mr Lowes is responsible for overseeing all provision to provide additional support for children who may need it.  He is also a member of the Senior Leadership Team so is able to influence whole school improvement and represent social groups whilst doing this.  Mr Lowes is also become a Specialist Leader for Education, specifically for Special Educational Needs provision and Teaching Assistant management.

Meet Mrs Genco – Deputy SENCO

Mrs Genco joined Barrow Hedges Primary School in September 2014.  Since then, Mrs Genco has worked in Year 4 and Year 2 and has also been a Year Group Leader since September 2016.  Mrs Genco has  a particular interest in Special Educational Needs and since September 2017 has undertaken the role of Deputy SENCO.  This role has mainly consisted of monitoring the impact of interventions at the school and Mrs Genco has been influential in making improvements to the systems and processes relating to interventions.

Meet Mr Pearce – English as an Additional Language Leader

One of Mr Pearce's responsibilities at the school is to lead on English as an Additional Language (EAL).  He has been in this role since September 2016 and has worked very hard to ensure that pupils who have English as an Additional Language are provided with support where necessary.  Mr Pearce is very passionate about this role and has worked hard to support these pupils.  See EAL section of website for further information.

Meet Miss Zafer– Gifted & Talented Leader

One of Miss Zafer's responsibilities at the school is to lead on Gifted & Talented.  Miss Zafer commenced this role in Autumn 2018 having worked as a Year 5 teacher for 1 year previously.  Miss Zafer's role is to identify pupils who should be considered as Gifted & Talented and ensure that our teaching & learning approach adequately stimulates and challenges them; Miss Zafer will also identify additional provision for these pupils where deemed appropiate.

Meet Ms Gardiner – Senior Teaching Assistant for Inclusion (Family Support)

Ms Gardiner has worked at Barrow Hedges Primary School for over seven years and has fulfilled a number of different roles including Nursery Nurse, Classroom Assistant and 1:1 Learning Support Assistant.  She has previously been trained in a number of specialist support strategies such as Maketon and Family Support.  In September 2015, the Senior Leadership Team identified Ms Gardiner as having great skills in the area of Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities, Inclusion and Family Support, and following an application process, changed her role to Senior Teaching Assistant for Inclusion where she now offers great support to many pupils and families.

Meet Miss Thompson and Mrs Cloves – Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSA)

Barrow Hedges Primary School is very lucky to have two wonderful ELSAs working at the school.  Mrs Cloves joined the school in 2015 and has contributed greatly to the social, emotional and behavioural development of many of our pupils.  She works across Early Years and Key Stage One (Nursery to Year 2) for 20 hours per week.  In September 2017, Miss Thompson, who was already working at our school as a Teaching Assistant, also joined the ELSA team having demonstrated her interest in and commitment to this type of work; her focus is our older children, in Key Stage Two (Year 3 to Year 6), and she also works for 20 hours per week. Both Miss Thompson and Mrs Cloves have completed specific training relating to Emotional Literacy Support which is run by Sutton Local Authority Educational Psychologists.

Meet Ms Critchley – Senior Teaching Assistant for Interventions

Ms Critchley has worked at Barrow Hedges Primary School for 7 years. In September 2015 she began working as a Senior Teaching Assistant for Interventions, providing high quality interventions to targeted groups of pupils.  Mrs Critchley has achieved a Level 5 Diploma in Dyslexia and works hard to provide support to groups of pupils who require support with Maths or English.

Meet Mrs Banks – Senior Teaching Assistant for Pupil Premium

Mrs Banks has worked at Barrow Hedges Primary School for 21 years as a Teaching Assistant, among many other roles, including ‘Football Referee’ and ‘Singing Assembly’ guru!  In September 2015 she became the school’s Senior Teaching Assistant for Pupil Premium which means she spends most of her time providing mentoring and group intervention sessions with children who are eligible for Pupil Premium, so as to enhance their progress.

Meet Mrs Davis – Pupil Premium Teacher

Mrs Davis works at Barrow Hedges Primary School as a mentor for children eligible for Pupil Premium.  Mrs Davis, who is a previous Head Teacher, formally worked as an agency cover teacher.  Early observations of Mrs Davis' teaching capabilities were noticed by the Senior Leadership Team and when allocating Pupil Premium funding for the academic year 2017/2018 the school initiated a new relationship with Mrs Davis whereby she works under the supervision of the Inclusion Leader but via high liaison with teaching staff to deliver specific intervention to targetted pupils.  As detailed in the school's Pupil Premium Strategy documents, this initiative was so successful during 2017/2018 that it was increased to two days per week for the academic year 2018/2019.