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An additional Prospective Parent tour for Reception 2020 will be on Thursday 9th January 2020 at 1:30pm. Please contact the school office to book a place.

Barrow Hedges Primary School

Land Ahoy! - Spring 1

In this section...

This topic concentrates on exploring and understanding our world. In History, we learn about famous maritime figures and in Geography we increase our map work skills to improve our knowledge of the world, learning about how the UK is divided up, identifying the physical features of a place and comparing the amount of land there is to water on Earth. We use maps to find, locate and learn the different continents and oceans and talk about how the weather might be different across the world.

We use this theme to study the artist Monet and how water scenes are created and then use these ideas to create our own water scene using mixing to create different tints and shades.

Boats are explored in D&T and we investigate, design and make a boat which we test on water!

Computing turns us into games testers where we explore a range of computer games and their use as well as considering how to use games safely.

Our Music genre this half term is 'Rock Music'.

PE lessons comprise of Gymnastics and Games, focusing on kicking.

In RE we learn about Hinduism and their worship as well as exploring the story of Holika and how Holi is celebrated.

During this half term in PHSE we explore the theme 'Going for Goals' where we identify some of our strengths as learners, identifying what we need to get better at and how we can do this.