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Barrow Hedges Primary School

Humanities - Geography and History

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Miss Bethany Campbell is the Humanities Subject Leader

Our aim in the teaching and learning of humanities (Geography and History) is to give our pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding of the world around them and significant events that have happened in the past.

With the use of a variety of maps, atlases and computer mapping, children are able to locate countries, continents and oceans of the world.  They are also able to look in more detail at their local surroundings when going on trips.  For example, Year 2 visit Oaks Park as part of their 'Street Dectectives' unit of work. Children look at the counties and surrounding seas of the UK and are able to use key geographical terminology to explain changes in the human and physical features.  As the children progress through the school, they look deeper into features linked to climate, land use and changes over time. For example, Year 3 look at earthquakes and volcanoes in their 'Tremors' topic.  There are also opportunities to compare different places around the world to places in the local area.  Year 5 are lucky enough to visit France during their 'Fallen Fields' topic.   At the end of their school journey, the children leave Barrow Hedges having gained a depth of knowledge of the world around them.

When learning about the past, the children have exciting and engaging topics where they can use the wonderful resources in the school and the internet to access what life was like in the past. We also provide a variety of exciting trips and workshops; immersing children in role play and making them feel like they are a part of this history.  For example, Year 3 have an Ancient Greek workshop where they dress up and imagine what life was like in that era of history and Year 6 have an 'Evacuee Day' as part of their 'Child's War' topic where they find out about a local child's experiences of the Second World War. We ensure that children understand the chronology of events in the past, using resources such as class timelines and the 'Barrow Hedges' Passport Through Time', to enable children to understand where their current learning fits in with the wider history of the country and the rest of the world.  The children are then ready to leave Barrow Hedges with a wealth of knowledge about the different eras in history.