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Just a reminder that we break up for the Easter holidays on Wednesday 31st March at the following times: Reception - 1:45pm, Yr 1&2 - 1:50pm, Yr 3&4 - 2:00pm and Yr 5&6 - 1:40pm

Stop Press!

Cirrus Primary Academy Trust are following the latest information and guidance for educational establishments from Public Health England. Information relating to the virus has been and will continue to be shared on a regular basis. For the latest information specifically relating to Barrow Hedges please click here.

Barrow Hedges Primary School

How Can I Make Patterns? - Spring 1

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During our topic 'What Can I Celebrate?' the children were very interested to learn about the traditions of Christmas and on returning to school, some of us were rather disappointed that it hadn't snowed on Christmas Day. 

We decided to read some snowy stories and built our own Winter Wonderland to learn about the changing season. We read the story 'The Gruffalo's Child' and looked at the different footprints that all the characters left in the snow.

We are learning to notice and talk about different patterns we can see. We are learning to use the vocabulary of size and shape to describe different patterns.

We couldn't believe it when we found Gruffalo footprints in the Nursery. We looked at the size of the footprints and measured them, comparing the size and shape to our own. We also found mouse footprints and used new vocabulary to talk about the different sizes. Some of us used cubes to measure the different footprints too.

We found different patterned footprints made by the snake, owl and fox too. We could talk about the different shapes, sizes and patterns.

We made our own footprint patterns in different ways, using wellies with different patterned soles in mud and paint. We enjoyed talking about and comparing the patterns on our own shoes and finding out whose were the same and whose were different.




We read the story 'Aliens Love Underpants' because the children also wanted to learn about space. We looked for all the different patterns on the underwear in the book. We also made our own space rocket and used junk materials to create a control panel to use in our imaginary play.


We made our own patterns by using different media and materials. We used the words 'stripy,' 'spotty,' 'plain' and 'zigzag' to  describe the patterns. We played lots of pairs games, matching pants and socks together. We learnt that a pair means 2.


We read 'Dinosaurs Love Underpants' too and made stomping dinosaur footprints, comparing the number of claws and the size.

Now we can recognise patterns in the world around us, make our own patterns and use new vocabulary to describe them.


Nursery had lots of fun celebrating Chinese New Year. We learnt about the year of the dog and how others celebrate festivals and special times for family and friends. We made our own Chinese dragons, and also worked together to create a big Chinese lion. We listened to Chinese music and did a lion dance for our families on the playground to celebrate.



We also had a Chinese Feast. We tried new food, such as noodles, egg fried rice and prawn crackers with soy sauce. Some of us even tried to eat with chopsticks. It was very tricky, but we persevered.


Now we know how other cultures celebrate and enjoyed joining in with the routines and customs of familiar people.