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Barrow Hedges Primary School

Can I Make a New Friend? - Autumn 1

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Having just started at Barrow Hedges, there is so much to learn and it is so exciting. During the first half term we (the children) learn to join in with our new friends when we play.

We learn about the school rules and how to make new friends through the story 'Little Tiger Goes To School'. We read the story together and meet all of the characters. We help them to learn the rules and make new friends in Nursery too.

We meet Tarzan the tortoise. He helps us to remember to walk with our friends in the Nursery. We also help Little Leopard to remember to walk in Nursery so he doesn't hurt or bump into his friends.

Little Elephant helps us to remember to listen to our friends when we are playing together. We get very good at using our listening ears!  

We show Little Monkey how to tidy up the toys so our Nursery is a nice place for us to play with our friends.

We teach Little Parrot how to share the toys and use nice words at Nursery, such as, "Please can I play with you?" and "Can I have a turn please?"

We learn to look at our new friends and smile when we want to play a game.

We read the story 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea.' The Tiger comes to tea at Nursery one day and we learn how to invite him to play with kind words and smiles.

We learn to try new things with our friends at Nursery. We try different types of tea, using a real teapot, and speak with our friends about our favourite things.

Continuous provision and activities to support our learning:

Look at our work!

Now we know how to use gentle hands and how to share, listen and use kind words with our new friends at Nursery.

We make lots of new friends at Nursery and are busy exploring new activities.

By the end of the term, we will have become really good at learning the Nursery rules and helping our animal friends from the story to remember to follow the rules too. This helps us to settle into our new Nursery brilliantly getting us ready for our new term's learning!