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During the hot weather, please ensure your child brings a water bottle and sun hat each day. Please also ensure sun cream has been applied to them before they come to school.

Stop Press!

Welcome back and we hope you had an enjoyable half-term.

Stop Press!

All Extra Curricular Clubs beginning week commencing Monday 23rd April.

Barrow Hedges Primary School

Can I Become An Author? - Summer 1

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During our topic of 'Are Eggs Alive?' children became much more confident to write for different purposes. Most children are now able to write an extended sentence (using 'and' or 'because') and wanted to learn more about story writing, invitations, lists and writing letters. We decided to capture this interest by launching the topic of 'Can I be an Author?' 

We (the children) are learning to write; a story with a beginning, middle and end, to understand more about the features of stories, to write interesting sentences by adding an adjective and to use capital letters and full stops to show meaning. We are also learning to spell Phase 3 and 4 tricky words correctly. 

We came back to school on our first day to a Fairy-Tale tea party. We wore our very best fairy-tale costumes. We talked about the character we were dressed as and the events that happen in the story. We had a lovely time engaging in a variety of activities linked to fairy-tales and listened to lots of exciting stories. We couldn't wait to hear some more. We asked the question 'Can I become an Author?' We talked about what an author does. We decided that 'yes' we could become authors because we are getting very good at writing our sentences so now we could start to write stories. 

We even had a Mad Hatter's Tea Party and enjoyed yummy biscuits and 'tea' from a tea party as we shared the stories we already knew. 

The next day when we came to school we found a beautiful, shiny, sparkly shoe on a glittery cushion. Who could the shoe belong to? Lots of teachers and children tried it on but it didn't fit! Then we found a magical scroll that said...

We decided that we wanted to help the prince to find his princess who would fit into the shoe. We looked everywhere. We made wanted posters to find her and enjoyed being detectives looking for clues. Don't worry we will keep looking. 

We decided that the character was Cinderella, we enjoyed listening to the story and learning about the events. We thought that if we spotted a pumpkin or a mouse, we might find her. 

We learnt the story of Cinderella using Kung Fu Punctuation and actions to help us. We learnt sentence starters that will help us to tell our own story and we helped our teacher to make a story map so that we can write our own Cinderella story.