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We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded the Quality Mark Gold for History following an assessment carried out by the Historical Association on 7th February 2023.

Stop Press!

Ofsted inspection Report has been sent to parents via ParentMail.  This can also be found on our website (Our School > Ofsted and Standards)

Barrow Hedges Primary School

Annual Survey Results

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Our last parent/carer survey was conducted in the Spring Term 2022. The survey was open for parents to complete until 30th April 2022. However, we had an Ofsted inspection on 20th and 21st April 2022 and as such, parents were invited to complete their survey at the same time as that of the school's. We believe this accounts for the lower than usual number of responses (35) which we received for our own school survey.  That said, the results are shown below. Note that 1 parent response represents 3%.

My child is happy at Barrow Hedges - 100% of parents/carers agree.

My child feels safe at Barrow Hedges - 100% of parents/carers agree.

The school supports my child's wellbeing - 100% of parents/carers agree.

My child is taught well at Barrow Hedges - 100% of parents/carers agree.

My school helps me to support my child's learning - 94% of parents/carers agree.

My child makes good progress at this school - 100% of parents/carers agree.

The school makes sure its pupils are well behaved - 100% of parents/carers agree.

The school deals effectively with bullying - 80% of parents/carers agree and 20% say that they do not know, indicating that they have not experienced this.

The school responds well to any other concern or question I raise - 97% of parents/carers agree.

I receive valuable information from the school - 97% of parents/carers agree.

The school is well led and managed - 94% of parents/carers agree.

Would you recommend another school to another parent? 97% of parents/carers said 'yes'

Parents have always been highly supportive of the school, but many of the comments received in this survey exemplify how we have continued to improve the school. For example, when asked what they like best/want to keep about Barrow Hedges some parents responded:

"The teachers know my children very well and both are happy to go to school every day, looking forward to being with their class teacher. We are also impressed with the in school and out of school enrichment on offer with trips and visits taking place again after Covid. Both children really look forward to them and talk fondly about the fun they have had with their friends outside of a normal classroom setting." 

"Discipline is appreciated, and we support your initiatives to keep this at the heart of BH. We value children (including our own) not being able to act like hooligans, and even entering/exiting school is a calm, respectful environment." 

"Amazing school trips, much better than other schools. The passion of its teachers. The extra support before and after school for both higher abilities as well as lower abilities. The sense of community, a result of the joint engagement from the teachers and from the parents. The fact that even with less and less funds each year, the teachers manage to pull out of the bag some amazing events for our children: workshops, sports tournaments, strictly event, all the things that make their time at Barrow Hedges more special than just turning up to learn maths and English. The fact that Foundation subjects are also viewed as important, especially for the children who don't necessarily perform in core subjects. The flair and talent from the SLT to recruit excellent teachers and staff. Outstanding school through and through (parent for 17 years). "

"Coming from another school I can see how great Barrow Hedges is. It’s hard to choose one as there are many things that I love about Barrow Hedges. I love the standard of teaching, the community feel, diversity, working together with parents, the appreciation of us parents supporting our children’s learning just as we appreciate the teachers, the encouragement for children to reach their potential."

Click here to access the results of Ofsted's survey (April 2022).

Prior to this, our last full parent/carer survey was conducted in February 2021 and the focus for this was on our provision of remote learning as schools were partially closed at this time due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The results of this can be found below.