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Stop Press!

We're thrilled to confirm that our Ofsted report has been published - Outstanding in all areas!

Stop Press!

We are thrilled to confirm that we have been awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark. Go to our Inclusion page to read our report.

Stop Press!

We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded the Quality Mark Gold for History following an assessment carried out by the Historical Association on 7th February 2023.

Barrow Hedges Primary School

Annual Survey Results

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Our last parent/carer survey was conducted in the Summer Term 2024. The survey was open for parents to complete until 20th April 2024 and we received 161 responses.  The results are shown below. Note that 1 parent response represents 0.62%.

My child is happy at Barrow Hedges - 100% of parents/carers agree.

My child feels safe at Barrow Hedges - 98.8% of parents/carers agree.

The school supports my child's wellbeing - 99.4% of parents/carers agree.

My child is taught well at Barrow Hedges - 98.8% of parents/carers agree.

My school helps me to support my child's learning - 98.8% of parents/carers agree.

My child makes good progress at this school - 97.5% of parents/carers agree.

The school makes sure its pupils are well behaved - 98.8% of parents/carers agree.

The school deals effectively with bullying - 48.4% of parents/carers agree and 48.4% say that they do not know, indicating that they have not experienced this.

The school responds well to any other concern or question I raise - 96.3% of parents/carers agree.

I receive valuable information from the school - 98.8% of parents/carers agree.

The school is well led and managed - 98.1% of parents/carers agree.

Would you recommend another school to another parent? 100% of parents/carers said 'yes'

Parents have always been highly supportive of the school, but many of the comments received in this survey exemplify how we have continued to improve the school. For example, when asked what they like best/want to keep about Barrow Hedges some parents responded:

"Barrow Hedges makes the care and wellbeing of my children a top priority. I always feel well informed on their mental health and happiness by their class teachers. Safeguarding is taken extremely seriously at Barrow Hedges." 

"My son loves coming to school, is excited by the curriculum and has never expressed any safety concerns. He has made excellent progress during his time in the school and every teacher he's had has been fantastic." 

"My children have always been very happy at Barrow Hedges and feel safe in what we consider to be a very nurturing and inclusive community. Any issues have been addressed quickly in our experience. "

"I like the family feel of the school."

"The school community at Barrow Hedges is second to none."

"What I like best is that they bring learning to life and submerge the children into the subjects and make learning fun."

"I recently partook in the parent gym programme run by Mrs Ducan and it was brilliant. So wonderful to have a facility like this put on by the school and has certainly helped my relationship with my children. I believe Barrow Hedges is a safe and kind environment."

"I like the wide range of extra activities beyond the usual curriculum as well as a wide range of clubs."

"What I like best is the wide variety of subjects taught. The small school feel, even with 3 form entry per year. The inclusivity of pupils with different abilities. The instillation of aspiration in the children when it comes to their learning opportunities. The opportunities open to the children with extracurricular clubs. The leadership team regularly looking at how the school can be better."

"The longevity of the teaching staff speaks volumes that there is a strong leadership team."

"Barrow Hedges is a school full of learning experiences with inclusion and support at heart. The relationship with the parents is brilliant and they are always willing to hear suggestions a parent might have."

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